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I am working towards a mutual goal with Homeowners in the valley and continue to work locating homes for rent so there can be adequate housing for all our Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Barrett Jackson, TPC Phoenix Open, guests who will be visiting early 2015.  In doing so, it’s always important to ensure that we are adhering to rules, regulations & processes, and making everyone aware of what one should consider, and do, in order to properly rent out their home.

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I recently read an article published by the Arizona School of Real Estate, written by Christopher J. Charles, Esq. that provides great insight with regards to legalities of renting out properties, and it specifically mentions the special events that I am focusing on, for January & February 2015.


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It’s important to be aware that there are two rental categories, and whether one or the other applies to you is contingent on whether your property is rented for a period of 30 days or less.


If a property is rented more than 30 days, your rental falls under the THE ARIZONA RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD TENANT ACT, which really does not apply to  Pro Bowl and Super Bowl rentals that I am listing since we have suggested rental period of only January 20th thru February 8th, 2015.  Given this timeline  and  the fact that we less than 30 days, the Arizona’s Inn Keeper Statute is put into effect because it’s considered ‘transient lodging’, which applies to daily and/or weekly rentals, not monthly.



Another topic to consider, which I discuss with all Homeowners, when I visit, relates to the HOA’s. It is always suggested to Homeowners that they contact their HOA’s to see if they are ‘permitted’ to rent out their home in their respective community.  Again, given that we qualify under the Arizona’s Inn Keeper Statute, and we are not renting monthly, it’s highly doubtful that the CC&R’s specifically differentiate ‘renting‘ with specific wording such as short term, long term, and/or vacation rental.  Some CC&R’s state that a rental is permitted for a period of 3 months or more, and that would be more typical of a condominium (apartment or townhouse). It’s worth glancing at your CC&R’s to see if there is anything that references the different duration or type of rental.


I’m pleased to say that we have conidered the legalities and have considered all points I have researched.  I also must state that I am not an attorney, this information is gathered from sources on the internet, and I am sharing my findings, as it relates to real estate and my role working with Homeowner in the valley.  If you would like legal guidance, it is always recommended to contact an attorney of your choice.

As an added piece of information, attached is a list of all dates for the events in question, click here

Please call me if you have any questions and I wish you a wonderful week.

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